The first step to realize your biggest desires is AWARENESS

Reflect upon this saying, and how it applies to your life.  And you may be surprised...

You become what you focus on most ot the time

Whatever you focus on is who you will become and the results and outcomes you will receive.

Wake up with determination!

That will make you much more productive towards your goals during the day, however most people wake wit hno clue of what to do with the day in front of them.

Your mindset creates your entire future

You cannot control what happens in the world.  Or not even always what might happen to you.  

What do want to do with your life?

What do want to accomplish in your life??

Set the direction of your future

Who is setting the direction of you future?  Is it you, your parents, friends, co-workes, your boss or someone else?

Do you have a dream?

Do you have a great dream for your life and for your future?  Do you want it to become a reality?  Great!!  

Then you are guaranteend its realization by this simple process!

Let your desire be greater than your fears

Whatever you dream about, whatever you vision for your life - there are always fears.

Have you hit a wall?  Nothing really feels fun or purposeful?  

If you really want to enjoy your life to the fullest, make sure you reflect upon and define your purpose.

Create the change you want to see

Do think there are injustice in the world?  Maybe you think you have experienced injustices and an unusual amount of problems?

Then you can create totally new results by changing your focus!

Ask and you shall receive

The bible tells us: "Ask and it shall be given".  The Law of Attraction tells us, that all that you continuously think of, you attract.  The Law of Focus tells us, that all you focus on you will receive.  Then - How can you ever fail?

Whatever you can think of - you can create

Isn't it fascinating!!!!?  Whatever you can think about, you can create!!!

Are you waiting for soemthing to be proud of yourself?  Then what are you wainting for?  Achieving your goals?

Focus on your goals and you will succeed!  By law!

Have you ever felt that everything in the world is conspiring against you?  Welcome to the club.

If you're tired of starting over - stop giving up!

Many people have no purpose in life, as it's said...  However, everyone has a purpose in life.  But most people has not taken the time to actually be still and reflective enough to find out what their purpose in life is.

Change is created in the mind, and realized in the action

How often don't we meet peapole not satisfied with the life they lead?  How often isn't it that we are not satidfied with our own lives?

We all get challenged in life

What you choose to do about it is up to you.

Keep your focus on your goals

Your purpose, vision and goals, created from your thoughts and emotions, are the things that control the direction and the outcome of your life.  Make sure you focus on them and you will by law reach your dreams and desires.

Discover your true purpose in life

Have you found your true purpose in life?

NO?  Not many people have.  Most of the people in the world only goes with the flow, and handles the situations and things that hits them.  

It's easy to judge

It's easy to see what others do wrong.  And to judge them for what YOU think is wrong.  And we often say what we think.  

Push through and you will grow beyond your limits

We all have days when the challenges feels overwhelming, days when we just want to give up.  But it is when we push on that we grow past our limitations.