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Wesley Enterprises Group is a group of companies focusing on creating freedom for you, in order for YOU to have control of YOUR life, to OWN YOUR LIFE.

By creating freedom, we mean freedom in time, health and wealth, creating the opportunity for you to have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, without checking your bank account, calendar or checking your health. It is all about living life to the fullest!

Wesley Enterprises Group develops and provides educations and materials, everything you need to take action to achieve that control and freedom.  We give you the tools and the knowledge to overcome the obstacles and problems in life and to create the success that you vision.  We assists, supports and mentor you to achieve the opportunity and ability to become excellent or a master, whether it being in your personal life or setting up the structured and managed self-sustaining business in order for you to achieve this freedom, making you a business owner or an investor.

Wesley Enterprises Vision of Excellence educates and coach to control and freedom - to own your life

Wesley Enterprises Vision of Excellence develops and provides education and materials, all you need to achieve total control of your life, create the freedom you dream about. We provide you with the tools and knowledge to overcome obstacles and problems in life and create the success you dream about. We act as mentor, assist and support you to achieve the opportunity and ability to become excellent or a master.

We own and run Wesley Enterprises Group

Lotta and Michael Wesley are entrepreneurs who have run companies since 1984, both separately and together since 2007.

Today they own a number of companies, both in Sweden and abroad. The focus is to help people become excellent in everything they do, to be the absolute best they can become and to give all people the opportunity to realize their dreams, goals and visions. To really get the opportunity to take control of their lives and to create the freedom that so many dream about.

We have been working with finance, time, health and personal development for many years, and through the Wesley Enterprises Group we provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of our experiences, lessons learned and strategies.

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