Have you ever considered the saying and really reflected upon it?  I have...

A few weeks ago I hear this saying in one of our coaching sessions.  I hade heard it several times before in the coaching sessions, and many, many times during the last 10 years, when working with network marketing.  But this time, something inside me clicked and I started reflecting upon how I did my activites.  First the activities that I had committed in the coaching session, and then how I went about doing all my other activites that I have set up for myself, working towards creating the results I desire.

And when I observing myself striving forward, I can definately see room for improvement.  Somethimes I don't seem to work as effecient as I thought I was.  And I also noticed that I could probably do things differently, the way I do my activities, that will help me to achieve my goals much more quickly.  

This reflection of myself made me realize that normally, I much do things - all things, all activites - in the same way.  I attack a problem the same way.  I create results the same way.  I do research the same way. And so forth...

That got me thinking.  What if I start doing things in a new way?  What if I start to really try to do everything I do in a new way?

Then I should be getting new, or at least different, kind of results.  Then I can obseve the results I get, I get more experinence on different ways to do things and I can select the way to do things that gives me the best results.

What a concept!  But, what..... Don't I already know this?  Of course I do!  

My point is that we are so deeply programmed in everything we do, think, feel and do, that we keep doing everything the same way, even though we know that we should do them in another way.  That is your programming, your habits.  It takes efforts to change your programming, but when you put in the efforts the results can be amazing.   Try it out and see for yourself!

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Michael Wesley

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Michael Wesley
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With a deep and fiery passion Michael helps people discover all their inner resources and potential, to create internal and external freedom, to achieve control and to own their life.

He is also passionate about passing on a legacy where we all contribute to a better world, a community built on respect, care, cooperation and love. As an authority in life management strategies, Michael works with a results-driven focus to assist, coach and mentor his clients in developing their mental and physical resources and ability to achieve amazing continuous successes, on their path to excellence and mastery.
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