What does this mean and why is it important for your success?

The first time I came across the phrase "How you do anything is how you do everything" was when I attended T. Harv Eker's education, Millionaire Mind Intensive a few years ago. The education, which is one of the very best I have been to, was very much about how to re-program your old unwanted values and ways of thinking into new, stronger values and ways of thinking about money, wealth and the abundance of life.
Since then, several situations have arisen where I have caught myself laughing at how well it matches.

Uphill strategies
The story I want to share with you today was when Michael and I were out running the other day. He is the "hare" who runs in advance and I am the "turtle" who comes after. The funny thing is that he is faster, but not so durable (and therefore has to walk from time to time), while I'm slower but keeps on and therefore catches up after a while 😊
What both of us realized was that when an uphill is coming, Michael's strategy is to increase his energy efforts and run at the same rate. My strategy is to maintain the same energy effort and thus reduce speed.

Real life strategies
When we talked about how our strategies are in "real life" we realized that it is the same - when Michael meets challenges, he increases his energy efforts and takes in a little more, and thus manages to get past "obstacles" that emerge in life and as an entrepreneur.
I use a different strategy - I slow down and "keep on" because I know I need stamina and that it can take time to get through and past the "obstacle".

Strategies for success
Now you may be wondering what this has to do with you and your life?
Well, as T. Harv Eker puts it, "How you do anything is how you do everything" - how you act in the small situations can provide valuable insights on how you act in the more crucial situations in your life. When you become aware of how you act, you can also choose how you want to do.
It also means that if you do not have the results you want in your life or live the way you want - adjust your thoughts and actions and you will also get other results.

          So how do you do in your life?  
          Are you like Michael, that you´re increasing your energy effort, investing and making sure you quickly overcome challenges  and obstacles?
          Or do you act like me - keeping the same energy effort which means slowing down the pace and gnawing on, but it may take longer to get past the obstacle?

Good luck and have fun when you´re discovering your behavior and how you act in both small and big situations!
Learn from them and change different things until you get the results you want.

Namaste – All the Best to you!


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Lotta Wesley
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With a deep and fiery passion Lotta helps people to discover their inner most valuable qualities. She is vibrating with energy and commitment to assist and coach you, to discover all your inner resources, both physical and mental. With a big heart and compassion she is an enormously good listener, humble and easy to trust, you feel that she is a person you can confide in, a person that really want to help you to achieve what is best for you.

As in physical and mental health and seasonal holistic health, she works with a results-driven focus to assist you in becoming the best you can be, in your path to achieving your dreams and goals. As an entrepreneur and business woman, she has a unique ability to create report and build on relationships. She is a master in listening to people, not only to what is said, but she has also has the gift of observing and sensing what lies beneath.
With a fiery passion for people and their wellbeing, she will assist you in any way possible for you to achieve the freedom in health and success that you dream of. And with her skills and experience in human behavioral science and coaching, she will guide you all the way to excellence and mastery.
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