The second article in the series - 6 ways to stay healthy and happy despite Covid-19

You have probably heard that being outside in nature is essential for your health.  
But do you know why?  And why is it even more important now?

There are a lot of good reasons to be outside in nature to strengthen your health and immune system.  I will do my best to summarize it as short as possible 😊

  1. Dayligt and sunlight = D-vitamin
    At least 30 minutes / day will help your skin to produce D-vitamin that is essential for your immune system.

  2. Breathing = oxygen
    Where oxygen is, sickness can´t thrive. Your breath brings oxygen to your cells, which help you to stay healthy. Your breath also brings oxygen to your brain so that you can think in a positive and constructive way (See more below under Positive Mindset).
    So go out - breathe, ventilate and fill yourself with health and well-being!

P.S.         In the soon to come blog article 4 of 6, Deep breathing – energize yourself, you´ll learn more about the importance of  deep breaths and how to practice.

  1. Move
    In these Covid-19 times, many people are afraid of going to the gym.  But to stop exercising can cause serious health problems in the future….
    Why not use nature to be your new gym: walk, run, bicycle, yoga, bring an exercise rubber band and you can do your strength training outside.  Use uphills and outdoor stairs for cardiovascular training (which also makes oxygen flowing in to your cells 😊 ).

P.S. In the next blog-article 3 of 6, Exercise regurlarly, I´ll explain why it´s important to exercise and I´ll share some yoga asanas which boost your energy and immune system.

  1. Positive Mindset
    When I was sick in depression my doctor told me to go on walks for at least 30 minutes a day, in a tempo that made me a little breathy and sweaty.    Some days it was hard even to take me outside, but every time when I came back home after a walk I felt better.  It worked!
    How is that?
    The benefits of exercise in a level that makes you a little breathy and sweaty is that the hormones are impacted – the stress hormones are lowered and wellbeing is increased.

    Additionally you´ll gain a more positive mindset, new perspectives will come to you and the things that you have been worried about will be less worrying.  That is a result of when your physiology straightens up, your chest lifts up and your gaze is in front of you (not downwards).  Positive signals are sent to the area of your brain that control wellbeing and happiness.

    I have taught this powerful tool, the Triad, from Tony Robbins and it has really changed my mindset and my life.
    If you want to learn more about this and how it can help you, write me a DM. 

  1. Shinrin Yoku – “forest bathing”
    Maybe you have heard of the new trend, Shinrin Yoku – to experience nature with all your senses?  It originates from Japan and helps us to let go of stress and find mindfulness just by being with the trees in the forest – not to accomplish anything.
    According to Japanese researcher the blood pressure and heart rate are lowered, it reduces the production of stress hormone and improve the overall feeling of wellbeing.
    One reason is because of the phytoncide, various essential oils that the trees emit to protect themselves from germs and insects.  It seems that inhaling phytoncide boost our immune system function and help us to stay healthy.
    So go out in the forest, be with the trees – sit, stroll, be still and just relax in the present.  Look, hear, taste, feel and smell the nature around you!

  1. Time for yourself or time together 
    If you choose to go out in nature on your own, you have the possibility to find peace and calm – just to imbibe the nature and all the good effects that it gives you.
    Or, you can bring family and friends with you – walk, bicycle, play and have fun together!  It´ll create good memories for life!! 
    At the same time you will boost your immune system, health and happiness as well!

Coming soon – Yogamind walk in the forest

For you who live close to Härlanda tjärn in Gothenburg and would like to enjoy all the benefits of being out in nature, doing yoga and practice mindset, I´m now creating a unique possibility to do so.
More info will come soon 😊


What are you doing today, in these infectious times, to preserve your health?  Comment below!

Create your life to be magical, and live with passion.
Lotta & Michael

Read more about Shinrin Yoku here:

Overview: 6 ways to stay healthy and happy (with high energy and a strong immune system)

1. Practice Gratitude
2. Go out, be in nature
3. Exercise regularly – exercises for energy and a strong immune system
4. Deep breathing – energize yourself
5. Make sure you have the right PH-balance:
    a. Drink a lot of water, with lemon in.
    b. Eat healthy (a lot of vegetables and fruit)
6. Do things that you like – it charges you and fills you with good vibes

With this overview you can start right away!

If you would like some guidance on how to do and why it works, I will present each of the ways in more detail in separate blog articles.
Just keep your eyes open and in the near future you will have gathered all six ways, so that you can boost your health and happiness whenever you like.


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