The first article in the series - 6 ways to stay healthy and happy despite Covid-19

We live in extraordinary times when things are very different from normal, due to Covid-19.  
But have you thought of that this can bring you opportunities as well?
In this serie of blog articles you´ll learn about 6 ways to stay healthy and happy.

The first way is How to Practice Gratitude.

Gratitude - Be focused on the good things in your life and all that you feel grateful for.

HOW: If you want to experience the "Gratitude-time" with audio and video, just click below:

If you prefer to experience the "Gratitude-time" by reading, you´ll find instructions here: 

Wherever you are, just be still and take a deep breath. 
Let your focus go to things you appreciate in your life, for example that you have a safe home, you´re warm, you´ve clean clothes, you can eat when you´re hungry.  
Feel gratitude for your eyes that makes you see the beautiful world around you, ears that make you hear the birds singing, the touch of the wind to your cheek, the smell and taste of the food etc. that comes to you.  
Feel gratitude for your good health – that your cells are working just perfectly, your heart softly beating in your chest and your breath that brings oxygen to every function in your body.  
Feel gratitude for your strong immune system.
Let your focus go to all the people that you love, see their faces in front of you, open your heart and let love flow in to the whole essence of you.  
Smile and let love and good vibes flow!

Stay in gratitude as long as you like and let your heart remain open, filled with gratitude and love in your present living.   

TIP! Set an alarm in your phone that help you remember to have these essential “Gratitude-times” on a regular basis, for example every morning and evening at a specific time.

TIP!  You can do these “Gratitude-times” when you´re taking a walk, doing the dishes, cooking, commuting, taking a shower.  It´s your time of mindfulness and to appreciate life!

WHY:  In a heart filled with gratefulness, fear has no room.  If you let your heart be opened and filled with gratefulness and love – your chemical composition will be changed. 
Dr. Masaru Emoto has been doing a lot of research on how human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. And as we all know; the human body consist of a lot of water (app. 60 %). 
That is why it is so essential what goes on in your mind – when you send out positive thoughts and feelings, it brings positive vibes in your body. 
The result is that your cells get stronger and your immune system get a boost, as well as you enjoy life more and are happier.

You may be one of those who think that all this is placebo.  To you I would like to say, “it doesn´t matter – it works anyway”.  As Dr. Moseley has proven, placebo is a very powerful force, and you can use it in your favor! 

What are you doing today, in these infectious times, to preserve your health?  Comment below!

Create your life to be magical, and live with passion.
Lotta & Michael

Read more about Masaru Emoto and his experiments on water, and look at pictures:

Overview: 6 ways to stay healthy and happy (with high energy and a strong immune system)

1. Practice Gratitude
2. Go out, be in nature
3. Exercise regularly – exercises for energy and a strong immune system
4. Deep breathing – energize yourself
5. Make sure you have the right PH-balance:
    a. Drink a lot of water, with lemon in.
    b. Eat healthy (a lot of vegetables and fruit)
6. Do things that you like – it charges you and fills you with good vibes

With this overview you can start right away!

If you would like some guidance on how to do and why it works, I will present each of the ways in more detail in separate blog articles.
Just keep your eyes open and in the near future you will have gathered all six ways, so that you can boost your health and happiness whenever you like.


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As in physical and mental health and seasonal holistic health, she works with a results-driven focus to assist you in becoming the best you can be, in your path to achieving your dreams and goals. As an entrepreneur and business woman, she has a unique ability to create report and build on relationships. She is a master in listening to people, not only to what is said, but she has also has the gift of observing and sensing what lies beneath.
With a fiery passion for people and their wellbeing, she will assist you in any way possible for you to achieve the freedom in health and success that you dream of. And with her skills and experience in human behavioral science and coaching, she will guide you all the way to excellence and mastery.
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