Ta Kontroll, Skapa Frihet - ÄG DITT LIV !

Allt för många människor upplever att de befinner sig i ett ekorrhjul, att de inte har kontrollen över vad som händer i deras liv.  De har drömmar och önskningar som aldrig har möjlighet att uppfylla, då de upplever att de inte har kunskapen, pengarna, möjligheterna eller resurserna att förverkliga dem.

Här får du tillgång till kunskap, information, verktyg och system som hjälper dig att förverkliga dina drömmar i livet.  Med det som vi erbjuder här får du möjligheten att ta kontroll över ditt liv, att skapa den frihet du önskar och längtar efter, och att verkligen själv äga ditt liv!

Fri i pengar 

Fri i pengar

Hur du kan bli ekonomiskt fri, genom att förändra dina tankar och vanor om pengar
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Fri i tid

Hur du kan skapa fri tid till det som är viktigt för dig
Fri i hälsa 

Fri i hälsa

Hur du kan skapa en mycket god hälsa och hög livskvalitet
Fri i hälsa 

Fri att njuta av livet

Hur du kan njuta av livet genom att resa och uppleva


Wow! I am totally exhausted. And if I didn’t have a plan for my exercises I would definitely not have continued todays training session. How about you – do you complete your commitments or do give up?

Today was a really tough training session. I was totally exhausted just a few exercises into the program, and didn’t really want to go on in the same tempo, and definitely didn’t want to continue the program.
I don’t know what had come over me today, but I didn’t have the strength and fitness I usually have; if had slept less, not got enough energy and nutrition via my dietary program, or what….


Do you remember that I told you in a previous blog entry that I have a blood decease that affected my ability to become fit? It affects my ability to consume and transport oxygen through the body and provide oxygen to the muscles.
And today I really felt it. I couldn’t really catch my breath. So the intensity of the performance of the exercises prescribed in the training program really took the physical energy out of me.


Both me and my wife, Lotta, has several times concluded that we would really not put in this kind of effort and really push ourselves the way we do now, if we hadn’t used our training program. Then we would have given up much sooner when the going got tough!
But since we have a pre-planned program, stating what exercises to do, when to do them and how to do them correctly, it is much more difficult to just quit doing your training exercises when you get tired. But now, since I have the program, I really stretch myself to do the best I can, and thereby live up to my commitment.


So, how did it go for me this morning?
Well - I gave up! I hate giving up. It is not within me to give up and not to fulfill what I committed to do, but I actually gave up.
I did the 4 first sets of twin exercises full out, and I did the 1 first of two exercises in the last set. And I did 10x2 repetitions of the last exercise instead of 20x3 repetitions. So, I did almost the entire program for today, but I didn’t have the power and energy to finish the last exercise.

I had to reduce my efforts since I was so short of breath that it almost blacked out before my eyes. Since it has happened before I know I have to take it a little easy. Even though I quit before exhausting myself totally, I was still shaky afterwards.


I stated above that having a pre-planned training program is a great help for you to continue to put effort into completing your commitments, long after the will to do the actions has disappeared.
The same goes for anything else in life. If you have a vision for what you really want in life, you have set goals for how to realize the vision and created a plan of activities that will lead you to achieving you various goals, you will put much more effort into really reach those goals, than if you didn’t have a plan to follow.

Without a plan, it is much easier to give up at an earlier stage of the process.
So my advice; if there is something you really want in life, create your vision, set goals and create a plan for its realization, and put continuous small efforts into your planned activities and you will create greater success than you could ever imagine.


What I am trying to say today is that:

  • With a plan you will not give up as early as without a plan
  • With a plan you will do the little extra to follow the plan
  • With a plan you are more willing to get out of your comfort zone to actually create the results you dream of
  • With a vision, goals and plan of activities you can achieve any and all results in life, whatever they are.

(I will come back to visions, goals and plans in other blog-articles, so keep your eyes peeled….)

Michael Wesley


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Michael Wesley
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Entrepreneur, Freedom creator, Life management strategist & coach
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With a deep and fiery passion Michael helps people discover all their inner resources and potential, to create internal and external freedom, to achieve control and to own their life.

He is also passionate about passing on a legacy where we all contribute to a better world, a community built on respect, care, cooperation and love. As an authority in life management strategies, Michael works with a results-driven focus to assist, coach and mentor his clients in developing their mental and physical resources and ability to achieve amazing continuous successes, on their path to excellence and mastery.
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Du är unik

Du är unik!  Det finns ingen annan som du, det har aldrig funnits och kommer aldrig finnas någon annan som du.
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Du har alla resurser

Du har alla resurser du behöver för att bli vad du vill eller att skapa vad du vill i ditt liv.
Ditt liv - ditt val 

Ditt liv - Ditt val

Allt du gör är ett val.  Varje sak du tänker på, varje sak du gör, är ett val där din hjärna svarat på en fråga
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